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New showroom in naktala, West Bengal

Damro opened its new showroom at Naktala, West Bengal

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New showroom in naktala, West Bengal

New showroom at Naktala: Damro furniture quality never has to be expensive

If you are looking for comfort, luxury, durability and contemporary designs all in one place then Damro is the right place to be in. It caters to demands of all kinds of furniture that comprises office furniture to furniture for living room, office space, and kitchen. They look forward to treating their customers in manners that they are more than satisfied by their services. With over sixty-five plus branches and a brand New showroom in Naktala, West Bengal bears testimony to their rising popularity. Here is what a person with a fetish for furniture is likely to find here.

The comforting dining

You will find some unusual and unique designs made of durable material so that whatever you buy lasts for years. The New showroom in Naktala, West Bengal offers you stellar designs for dining cabinets and dining suites. The specialty of the furniture lies in the fact that it is made of particle board that is melamine faced. One can easily store all their kitchenware elegantly and bid goodbye to any clutter. All you have to do is keep enhancing the beauty of the dining space and ambiance.

Furniture for office

If you are looking forward to doing some office furniture shopping then the Damro’s New showroom in Naktala, West Bengal would be the most ideal for you. There is a wide variety of choices out there, and you get everything right from workstation to study desks, cupboards to filing rack and visitor chairs even. The style of the furniture is quite contemporary, and the finish is melamine. Some even have their prices slashed for discounts thus you can rush to your nearest store soon.

The bedroom

When you buy furniture a bedroom is ideally a place that you tend to think about most.The New showroom in Naktala, West Bengal offers enticing designs for night stands, queen bed that is hydraulic, plain beds and night stand to name a few. You have a great variety of wardrobes too that have a melamine finish and are tailor-made to suit Indian lifestyles.

Step into the outlets

Feel free to step into the magnificent showrooms and stores to get a glimpse of class, elegance, and expertise. You shall never regret buying from them because fantastic designs at such jaw-dropping price are something that you are yet to encounter. Come get wooed and wowed.

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Buy furniture Siliguri (West Bengal)

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Damro furniture, one of South Asia’s largest furniture manufacturers now makes their products available in Siliguri, Kolkata and Durgapur districts of West Bengal. Since 2000, Damro has been putting a smile on many customers providing the right furniture solutions.Damrooffers the highest quality furniture at a reasonable price in all the latest, trendy and stylish designs along with the traditional design as well. Damro offers interior and furniture solutions to your dining room, living room, bedroom and even your office. They have seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres of land. While shopping for furniture you must make sure that you buy the right one that fits perfectly in your home and provides the people living in your home maximum comfort and relaxation because furniture will stay in your home for a really long time.

You need to physically go to the furniture showroom and look through the various collections to find a one that best suits your home and your personality. Just seeing will never do while buying furniture, you must touch it and feel it, sit on it and make sure that it is what you really wanted. Examine the size and make sure that it will fit perfectly in the place you planned the shape, the colour, the texture and fabric all these factors must be looked into before making a final decision so that you do not make a mistake. Damro furniture boasts on excellent customer service providing the customers the right information, clearing their minds, helping them make the right decision, delivering the product at your door step, assembling them and the like. Damro makes sure that the product reaches your home without any damage or obstruction at the right time or may be even early as planned.

Pioneers in the field of furnishing, Damro Furniture provides high quality furniture at a reasonable price in modern and stylish designs as well as traditional designs. Go with either the classic look with furniture for your living room, bedroom and dining roomor go for the ultra-modern and contemporary, stylish look with designer furniture. Damro has it all under one roof so you need not have a tough time while shopping. Damro furniture has sofas, corner sofas, recliners, TV stand,chest ofdrawers, bed, dining tables, shoe racks, dressing table, wardrobe, beds, night stand, coffee table, spring mattresses, coir mattresses, foam mattresses etc.  Office furniture is also provided by Damro offering maximum comfort and relaxation comprising of office table and chair, study desk, workstation, computer table etc.so that you may be at ease and get more motivated to work. Hence buy Damro furniture and make your house a home with right kind of furniture so you may enjoy complete comfort without any issues while at home and office. South Asia’s largest manufacturer and a popular and trusted brand since 2000, Damro is your solution for all kinds of furnishing related problem. We make sure that our customers are happy and content with Damro furniture, so quality and service always comes fore front along with affordability.

Buy furniture Kolkata, Durgapur (West Bengal)

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Damro furniture, pioneers in the field of furnishing since 2000 and South Asia’s largest furniture manufacturer makes available all their products to the people of Kolkataand Durgapur in West Bengal. They have seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres of land. Offering some of the finest high quality furniture in a reasonable price, Damro furniture is a popular crowd pleaser. Damro has a wide range of collections both modern and traditional to suit both the crowds; from the classic furniture to the modern and stylish designer furniture Damro has it all. Just step into their furniture store and you will be amazed at the number of selections and varieties in various categories like dining room, living room, bedroom and even office furniture. They have it all from sofa, corner sofa, recliners, shoe stand, TV stand, coffee tables, wardrobe, dining tables, chest ofdrawers, night stand, dressing table, bed, coir mattresses, spring mattresses and foam mattresses etc.

Your home will never be plain and dull once you adorn it with this beautiful and stylish furniture from Damro. Your office can also be transformed into a more comfortable and relaxing space with furniture from Damro, we provide office tables and chairs, computer tables, workstations, study desk etc. Office time will be more fun and motivational when you are comfortable with your seating and arrangements. Hence shop for the best furniture at an affordable and nominal price and enjoy comfort and relaxation like never before from Damro furniture. Damro also boasts of their excellent customer service attending to customers at the right time providing information, clearing their doubts, apt delivery and care.

Now is the era of shopping, people buy everything through the online world likeclothes, accessories, grocery, commoditiesetc because of the ease of shopping and no need to physically go to the furniture showroom and select from rack after rack. But things like furniture, mattress etc cannot be done so, you need to physically go to the furniture outlet, experience and examine the product and enjoy its comfort and relaxation by seeing, touching and feeling it. Furniture like sofa, chair, bed etc has to be sit on to feel the comfort it provides also you cannot make a judgment on the size by just seeing a picture, you need to go and actually see it to analyze the size of the furniture and the placement of the same in your house. And the fabric or any other material used for the furniture has to be touch and felt these are the ways you need to adopt while shopping for a furniture because if you need to be thoroughly satisfied with what you bought you have to perform all the above mentioned methods. Also keep in mind that furniture you buy will stay with you and your home for a really long time, it will gradually become a part of us and will continue to be present in our memories so while shopping, make a good and wise decision and shop from Dramro furniture.

Buy furniture Cochin, Trivandrum, Palakkad, Thodupuzha (Kerala)

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Damro furniture offers furnishing solutions for the people in Cochin and Trivandrum in Kerala since the year 2000. Since then it has grown to become a brand name so popular and so trusted that it stood out amongst many other brands offering a wide range of modern and traditional furniture collections. Damro offers both modern and traditional furniture to please the crowds, traditional comes in the classic and old fashioned furniture while modern is sophisticated and stylish designed furniture of steel and other materials. Following a simple formula which is providing high quality furniture at areasonable price coupled with excellent customer service makes way for the success of Damro furniture. The Damro furniture showroom is available in Cochin, Trivandrum, Palakkad and Thodupuzha in the state of Kerala, you have the opportunity to physically go to the showroom and shop for the furniture.

While Damro also has a website which has listed all their furniture collections and catalogues, so you may browse through them and select the one you liked and then go to the shop and experience the comfort it provides and examine the size, colour, shape, fabric and all other things connected to it while placing them in your home. Damro has a wide variety of home furniture and office furniture for use in living room, bedroom, dining room, and office like sofas, corner sofas, recliners, coffee table, shoe rack, TV stand, dining tables, dining cabinets, dressing table, beds, night stands, wardrobes, modular wardrobes etc. They also have mattresses for giving you a good night sleep, mostly made of spring, foam and coir. Office furniture will give you the comfort of sitting at your very own home hence relaxing as well as motivating you at work. Some of the office furniture provided by Damro is office table and chair, workstations, computer table, study desks etc.

Furniture shopping must be done taking your own time and going through the various collections as furniture in your home is meant to stay for a really long time. You make memories and cherish them at your homes and furnitureare always a part of it without doubt. Damro boasts of excellent customer service, the product bought will be delivered to you at the right time and place without any damage or wear and tear. Your home requires good furniture at the right place for the right purpose only then do they make your home a happy place. To choose the one to your liking it is essential that you visit the furniture outlet and see, touch and feel it and choose the one you prefer even if it takes a long time. Damro is always up to date with the latest trends and designs in the field of interior designing and furnishing hence you need not worry about not being in sync with the latest trends as you will get all the latest designs of furniture at Damro furniture.

Buy furniture Hyderabad (Telangana), Visakhapatnam, Ongole, Triupati, Nellore (Andhra)

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A house becomes a home once it has the right kind of people with hearts filled with love and joy and the right kind of furniture. So buy the right kind of furniture that fits your home perfectly, fills the void spaces and syncs with your character and personality from Damro furniture. Damro lets you into a world of furniture filled with varied designs, shapes, sizes and colours you can choose the one that you feel will be a perfect fit in your lives. Also if you ever felt that furniture shopping takes away most of your time with the endless walking in the showroom seeing countless pieces, we make it easier for you with the new website from Damro which features most or all of the collections and so you can simply browse through the categories and select the ones you like and then visit our furniture store and examine the furniture’s look and feel. The furniture must be physically seen and felt before buying, only then can we get a better judgement and idea on how it will fit perfectly into our homes and lives.

Damro furniture has both traditional and modern furniture to please the old and younger generation. If you prefer to keep your home classic and simple, opt for traditional furniture and if you want a chic and modern look to your home go for the designed ones. Hence, we have everything to please the crowd at Damro furniture. It is one of South Asia’s largest furniture manufacturer and will also be available in Hyderabad(Telangana), Vishakhapatnam (vizag), Ongole, Tirupati and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh as damro makes timely and safe delivery at your doorsteps without causing any damage or wear and tear to the goods bought. Damro furniture promises to deliver your furniture safely without any wear and tear and also at the right time or early. They have seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres of land. Our website and furniture outlet features a long array of categories of furniture for bedroom, living room, dining room, office and mattresses which has an exhaustive list of both modern and traditional furniture. Damro features the following home furniture like sofa, recliners, coffee tables, shoe racks, corner sofas, dining cabinets, beds, dressing table, night stands, wardrobes, modular wardrobes, bedroom suites, drawers, TV stands, dining tables, coir mattresses, spring mattresses and foam mattresses etc. Damro also offers office furniture like computer tables, workstations, office table and chairs, cupboard’sand racks, study desks etc.

Damro furniture are bound to provide you maximum comfort and relaxation at the most reasonable prices and of the best quality hence you can be sure that you will not be at a loss once you have a Damro at home. They also promise better customer service on matters of selection, transportation, communication, verification, information and the like. Hence when you buy Damro furniture you can be sure that it will be an asset for your homes for a really long time for this generation and for the coming generation. Damro never loses to trend, style or fashion for years to come, it will always remain novel.

Buy furniture Coimbatore, Madurai, Coonoor (Tamilnadu)

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Damro furniture is now available at Coimbatore, Madurai, Coonoor and spread across the state of Tamil Nadu. Select your preferred furniture without any hassle in a simple, relaxed and carefree manner with Damro website that features all of Damro furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom and even office room. You may select the ones you like from the website and then visit our store to completely examine and experience the look and feel of the furniture. The shape, size, color and fabric does matter when it comes to furniture and it can only be assessed once you come to our furniture outlet. Damro furniture is South Asia’s largest Furniture Manufacturer and it makes available to you their traditional and classic furniture designs and also their contemporary and stylish designs at the most reasonable prices and the best quality.They have seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres of land. Damro furniture pleases the older generation and the younger generation, those who feel thattraditional furniture is an apt fit for their home than contemporary can choose that and vice versa.Always buy furniture after physically visiting the furniture showroom because then you will have a better idea and judgment on the positioning and the comfort it provides in your home. Your house becomes a home once it has the right kind of people and the right type of furniture as accompaniments, without these two a house can never become home sweet home. Beautify and decorate your home and make it a heaven and cherish the beautiful memories associated with your home with the right kind of furniture from Damro furniture.

So Damro offers furniture for your home and office, furniture for your living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and office rooms. Choose your favorite sofas, recliners, dining cabinets, drawers, corner sofas, beds, dressing tables, coffee tables, wardrobes, TV stands, coir mattresses, spring mattresses, foam mattresses, night stands, and all other kinds of furniture from Damro website. Any room in your house needs one or two piece of furniture only then will a room be complete and fully furnished rooms make a home complete and the people living in it happy and joyful. Hence, a happy home needs Damro furniture! Promising high quality furniture at the most reasonable prices, Damro will deliver the furniture to your doorstep at the right time without creating any damage or hindrance to your furniture. Buy furniture from Damro if you are anywhere in Tamilnadu, Coimbatore, Madurai or Coonoor because your home needs to have the best of the furniture as it will cherish a lot of memories and offer the inmates happiness and joy for more years to come, so make a wise decision and shop from Damro furniture because Damro is a trusted name in the industry and has been putting a smile on the customer since the year 2000. Excellent customer service is what Damro boats to all its customers, offering a helping hand at the right time, providing the right information and right assessment along with better decision making for a happy home.

Buy furniture Chennai, Pondicherry (Tamilnadu)

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Damro, South Asia’s largest Furniture Manufacturer makes their stylish and best quality furniture available in Chennai, Pondicherry and spread across the state of Tamil Nadu. Furnitureare vital for all homes and buying furniture is a big responsibility as it should be liked by all and it should be matching with your home and your personality. Hence, finding the right furniture can really be a task if you are not looking at the right place. If you are finding it difficult then worry not just step into any Damro furniture outlet and you will be surprised to see that all of the furniture will be your personal favorites. That is right! Choose from a varied range of furniture collections from the traditional furniture to the most modern and stylish designed furniture they have it all at Damro! And if you don’t have enough time and is in a hurry, you can select your favorite piece of furniture by checking our website and then visit the furniture showroom to buy it.They have seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres of land.  Buying the furniture is a tedious process; you need to love the shape, design, fabric, material, size and the like. Also you need to check how it would be a perfect fit to your home and where it would fit and if it will match with your personality etc. Hence take your time, enjoy the look and feel of the furniture, have a long relaxing sit on it and be assured and positive on your choice of Damro before buying it, because that furniture is gonna be with you for a really long time at your house.

Damro features all their furniture collections, you can simple browse through the different categories and choose the one that will be a good fit in your home. Damro has furniture for your home and office; contemporary designed and stylish modern furniture to please the entire crowd. Ranging from a wide range of sofas, recliners, coffee tables, TV stand, shoe racks, entertainment furniture and sofas for your living room, beds, wardrobes, modular wardrobes, dressing tables, drawers and night stands for your bedroom, dining suits, dining tables and dining cabinets for your dining room and office tables, chairs, workstation, cupboards and racks, computer table etc. for your office room. They also have mattresses promising a relaxing and smooth sleep made of spring, coir and foam for a fresh start. Hence, whatever you want for your home is provided by Damro furniture, so now you know where to shop when you need furniture. They offer a sense of relaxation and comfort in your home or office like no other furniture brand promises. Damro furniture is one of the most trusted names in the industry and offers high quality furniture at an affordable pricing and has been satisfying customers with their products since 2000. Hence, you can be sure that buying a Damrowill be the best and the right choice you made in your life and for your home.

Buy Furniture Margoa, Panaji (Goa)

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A house is not a home without the much needed comfortable and relaxing furniture, which is why we at Damro make ourselves available to you in Goa. A house will only be a home, once you have the right inputs in the form of solid furniture for that elegant and pretty looking home. And to buy a furniture, you need to physically go to the furniture showroom and see it for yourself, touch it, feel it and enjoy its comfort and relaxation it offers and then buy the furniture once you are happy and satisfies with it because furniture in your home are meant to stay for a long long time. Hence, if you are buying a Damro furniture, even if it takes time you should make a wise decision and buy the one that suits your home and your personality. If you are in Goa and you feel that your house needs a new furniture and especially something affordable and of good quality then you don’t think twice just visit the Damro furniture showroom or browse through our catalogues in our website and you never know you might just like them and end up buying them for your home. You can browse through the various categories of furniture in our website, choose the one to your liking and visit our furniture store to have a good long look and feel at the furniture, its texture, fabric, beauty, colour, size and all other things related to it, so that you don’t need to make a mistake while buying it. Once you visit our furniture outlet and see the furniture personally then you will be more confident on how, it will be a perfect fit in your own home or office space, Damro furniture takes the responsibility of delivering the furniture to customers without any obstruction or damage, right at your doorstep.

Damro furniture is South Asia’s largest furniture manufacturer with seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres offers home and office furniture; we have the traditionalfurniture which many still prefer for its classic, prestigious and elegant look at the most reasonable prices to adorn your living room, bedroom, dining room and office space. And we also have the contemporary and modern day furniture with its sophisticated and trendy looking designs which are a favourite of many to beautify and decorate their homes. From sofas, corner sofas, recliners, coffee tables, dining tables, TV stand and all furniture in the most modern styles and designs are provided at Damro. All furniture bought from Damro will be delivered to your doorstep promising complete safety and timely delivery. Damro now gives you the pleasure of selecting your furniture in the comfort of your own home or office. You can browse through our website and select from numerous furniture in stylish designs, contemporary or traditional.Even if you own a wooden shack like home or a penthouse like home in Goa, we have the right accompaniments to make your dream home a possible reality. Damro makes timely deliveries to Goa, once you buy the furniture of your preference. Enjoy happy and relaxing homes with Damro furniture promising comfort, luxury and cosiness with every product.

Buy furniture Bangalore, Mangalore, Udupi (Karnataka)

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Damro, one of South Asia’s largest Furniture Manufacturer with seven factory complexes spread across 160 acres will now be readily available in the garden city of Bangalore, Udupi and the chief port city of Mangalore in Karnataka. Damro has a varied selection of affordable and stylish furniture to transform your house into a home sweet home, select from our categories either in our website, brochure or visit our furniture showroom and choose the one which you think will be a perfect fit to your home. We have some of the best quality furniture for your living room like sofa, coffee tables, recliners, dining cabinets, dining tables and wardrobes, Modular Wardrobes, TV stand, dressing tables and beds for your bedroom. Damro also has office furniture to transform your work space into a motivational space like work stations, office tables and chairs, computer table etc.  We also have mattresses for giving you a good night sleep after a tiring day made of foam, spring and coir so you’re your mornings are fresh and positive.

While we understand the hassle of coming to our furniture store and losing your precious time, hence we make available to you this easy option of browsing through our catalogues in our website and selecting the one you love. So once you have made your choice, you can simply visit our furniture outlet and enjoy the comfort it provided by Damro furniture by physically touching and feeling the fabric and the furniture as a whole. The look and feel is very important and you will know it only when you physically experience the furniture by touch, sight and feel. It is not enough that you see the furniture, but you need to sit on it and experience the comfort and relaxation the furniture can provide you, know its actual size and how and where it will fit in your home and the best place to keep it for maximum comfort. Furniture, after all are meant for ease and poise, something so comforting and relaxing to sit on yet look elegant and pretty. We at Damro, try our best to meet your orders and provide them at your doorstep at the earliest without any damage or wear and tear.  We also help provide the best customer service in terms of assistance to our customers, answering all their queries, clearing their doubts, assembling the furniture at your home and helping you place them at the spot you prefer etc. Damro is a trusted brand and has been offering some of the best quality furniture for many years to happy customers all over India.Damro furniture also undertake the transportation of furniture to Bangalore, Mangalore and Udupi in Karnataka, so you need not worry on how your favourite furniture will reach your home safely after purchasing. Damro takes utmost care of its furniture just like how we treat our customers; hence they will not encounter any kind of damage and will be delivered to your home in the finest and perfect condition. So if you feel the need to buy new furniture for your home at a reasonable price and of good quality then you needn’t think twice, Damro furniture it is!