Damro Rewarded two lakh rupees To An Employee For Completing His 10 Years Of Service With The Firm

Damro Rewarded two lakh rupees To An Employee For Completing His 10 Years Of Service With The Firm

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  Damro Staff

Damro Staff  Damro Staff


Damro is not just known for offering quality furnishing items to its respective customers, but is known for taking proper care of its employees, too. That’s the main reason behind its growing popularity. In a recent newsfeed, it has been found out that Damro rewarded one of its employee with a hefty amount of two lakh rupees for completing 10 years of service. This is enough to prove the importance employees hold in company’s life.
This company is well-aware of the sheer hard work of the employees, which made them stand where they are now. So, this company knows how to make their employees happy, and get satisfied results from their sides. Therefore, this new step of rewarding employees for their unending love and support is another strong pillar of this firm.
Loved by many:
With the rewarding session of huge two lakh rupees in hand, employees are all the more interested now to work with this firm. The existing customers have worked already with their strength and now they are being repaid for their services. This company is not just taking care of their customers by offering them with gift vouchers and amazing furnishing items, but has worked hard for the employees too.
Their main motto is to keep a happy house, so that everyone will give 100%. Finding such a friendly environment in this tough cut-throat competition is quite rare, but Damro is making it possible.
Types of furniture available:
It is mandatory for you to get along with the best team, which is offering its employees with two lakh rupees for completing 10 years of service. Here, you are likely to receive multiple types of furnishing items, over here. Whether you want to decorate your living room or just want to redecorate your bedroom style or design, there are loads of options available. You can always choose to get the best from this field, as they thoroughly check each item for its durability, before dispatching.
Modular designer items available:
Other than standard items, this company is currently offering its huge customer base with modular designer items. Starting from modular wardrobe to kitchen, there are loads of options available. And you are always going to receive the best help, over here. The main aim of modular designs is to work as per the client’s requirements.
Depending on the type of product they want, the workers will work on it accordingly. There is a slight change in the price and even in the style statement of each item. And it changes from one person to another, just to match their flexible thoughts.
Happy employees mean happy customers:
If the employees are happy to work with the company, then they will give their cent percent in work. And their cent percent means a group of happy customers. This latest two lakh rupees reward was enough to boost the confidence level of the workers, and they are all set to deliver your chosen furnishing items, within time. Other than constructing items with extreme care and precaution, they ensure to deliver the items in a scratch-free manner.

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